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Beginner Friendly Beauty | Free Local Delivery

About us

BloomKIT is Bloom by Roseanne’s cosmetics line aiming to educate and make make-up application easy, affordable and beginner friendly. Currently, our product line has extended to BloomKIT make-up brushes, but we will be expanding soon.

We use our BloomKIT make-up brushes at our personal make-up classes where they are available for purchase at our studio. To find out more about our make-up classes, visit us at bloombyroseanne.com

Bloom by Roseanne is a personal make-up school in Singapore that aims to empower the everyday woman.

Our vision is to be the number one personal make-up school in Asia, empowering lives daily. 

Our mission is to touch the lives of every single woman and transform not only how they view, understand and apply make-up, but how they feel about themselves.


Bloom by Roseanne provides the following services:
  1. Personal make-up classes for everyday women
  2. Corporate make-up classes/Corporate Grooming
  3. Make-up & Hair Services including Wedding or DND services
  4. Brand workshops and make-up demonstrations
Why Bloom?
Small Class Size: Our classes are max 4 – 8 students so you get the attention you need.
We sell Knowledge, not Products: Let’s get down to the heart of the lesson and that’s learning a new life skill!
Just Bring Yourself:  Make-up and make-up brushes are provided from  your favourite brands
A Gorgeous Set-up, Convenient Location:  Our location is across the street from Outram MRT Exit H, at 17B Teo Hong Rd, just next to Dorsett Residences.
Fun & Friendly classes:  Roseanne is all about the fun and friendly that means you never have to feel scared or intimidated to learn something new!

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