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About Our Brushes

About our Brushes

Make-up brushes based on real make-up classes. Petal-soft bristles that
don’t flop, making make-up now lighting speed.

Speed up your Routine

BloomKIT brushes are the new brushes on the block. With specialised high performance bristles that don’t flop around, they make picking and transferring make-up effortless. Because there’s only 8 that are absolutely essential and due to our easy to use handcrafted bristles, they’re guaranteed to speed up your make-up routine.

BloomKIT is the official make-up brand for Bloom by Roseanne personal make-up classes. We’re all about empowering and educating the everyday woman so our brushes are designed to help even the most basic beginners. In fact, all of our brush designs are entirely based on student needs during our make-up classes. Forget about a huge confusing assortment brushes, and welcome just 8 brushes that will make any look flawless.

Love us for…

Make-up brushes made from real personal make-up classes

High performance bristles to speed up your make-up routine

Kind to animals, totally synthetic

Handcrafted with love and never machine-cut

Sturdy yet petal-soft bristles that don't flop

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